3 Ways To Improve Productivity

productivity Oct 12, 2022

Do you struggle with productivity?  

This is a huge topic in the coaching world and most people who come to high performance coaching say this is at the top of the list on things they believe they want to improve on! 

Today’s interview is with John Roussot, Founder and CEO of FiiT4GROWTH Ltd., a certified High Performance Coaching company that focuses on bringing High Performance to top executives, teams, and organizations.  

Welcome John!

Thank you for inviting me Nate to this discussion!  A topic you and I are both super, super passionate about because we know that as high performers, productivity is less about doing a lot of stuff, it’s more about doing the things that matter most. It's one of the six high performance habits and we know through the research that high performers are meticulous about “Prolific Quality Output”, (P-Q-O).


Q: Why do you think people struggle with productivity so much? 

A: “A lot of people today feel like they are super busy, but they are not productive.  We live in a world that is really just drawing our attention away from the things that matter most. Social media, notifications, phone calls.  Attention is the big currency of today, and there are a lot of different things that are pulling our attention away both personally and professionally. So I would say that, the more we can embrace the fact that there are distractions that we need to eliminate, the more focus we can give on being productive and less busy”.

Q: What would you tell somebody like what are some of the key things that somebody who's struggling with productivity can do to increase their productivity? 

A: “The top three things I recommend are the following.  

First, you have to have crystal clear and purposeful direction. Clarity and purpose are at the top of my list. Are you clear about what you need to do and what’s your desired outcome? It’s critical to know what’s the goal! 

Second, is time management. I love the concept of time blocking and focusing on big rocks.  If I zoomed into your calendar, to see what your big rocks are and when you are spending time on those, would it be there?  The idea of big rocks came from Stephen Covey and it's such a powerful thing to do.  Block the time in your calendar to focus on those things that matter most. 

Third, is eliminating distractions by turning off your phone and getting highly intentional.  Most people are reactionary but you have to force yourself to focus, buckle down and do the work! So to recap, seek clarity and purposeful direction, time block your rocks, and develop a way to eliminate distraction.  If we can help clients do that, we can help change their lives in a dramatically positive way.”


Are you are interested in improving your performance levels and overall life satisfaction?  Learn more about High Performance coaching and how it can help you achieve greater levels of performance while improving overall life balance and happiness.  Visit: http://fiit4growth to learn more.  




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