3 Ways To Improve Productivity

productivity Oct 12, 2022

Do you struggle with productivity?  

This is a huge topic in the coaching world and most people who come to high performance coaching say this is at the top of the list on things they believe they want to improve on! 

Today’s interview is with John Roussot, Founder and CEO of FiiT4GROWTH Ltd., a certified High Performance Coaching company that focuses on bringing High Performance to top executives, teams, and organizations.  

Welcome John!

Thank you for inviting me Nate to this discussion!  A topic you and I are both super, super passionate about because we know that as high performers, productivity is less about doing a lot of stuff, it’s more about doing the things that matter most. It's one of the six high performance habits and we know through the research that high performers are meticulous about “Prolific Quality Output”, (P-Q-O).


Q: Why do you think people struggle with productivity so much? 

A: “A lot of people...

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What are your Q4 Rocks?

productivity Sep 28, 2022
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Do You Struggle With Distraction?

productivity May 13, 2022
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Big Rocks

productivity Oct 07, 2021

It's Q4 and I want to ask you... what are your big rocks for the quarter?  Now you might be asking, what are big rocks? Well in this video, I want to talk to you about this really important subject of focusing on the BIG things that you can do to move your business forward.  That's what big rocks are....

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Limiting Distractions

productivity Oct 07, 2021

Reaction vs Intention

Do you struggle with distractions?  I mean if you're honest with yourself, you are probably going to say yes to this question.  I've certainly been distracted a lot in the past and I continue to have those distractions a times just like everybody. In this video I want to talk about this very topic of how is it that we can be better at limiting distractions, particularly with our phone and in our life to be more present with the people that we're in front of whether it's a family member or a client.

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High Performance Planner Walkthrough

productivity Oct 14, 2020

Wondering how you should be using the high performance planner to its full extent? Don't know where to start?

Watch this video where I go over everything you need to know to about the high performance planner and why you should be making it a habit to fill it out EVERYDAY!

To purchase a High Performance Planner, click here.

Interested in High Performance Coaching? Fill out a completely FREE strategy session here, and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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What's Your Morning Routine?


The first-ever science-backed Planner for reaching high performance in all you do

Most of us know how important a consistent morning routine is when it comes to creating a high performance business and life, yet most people do struggle to consistently prioritize and focus on the most important things (to us).  In this video, I will discuss how we use the High Performance Planner to help our clients weed out all the distractions we are constantly faced with when it comes to managing our day, our week, our month, and our year.  If I were to give you just one thing to do every day that would dramatically change your life for the better, I would tell you to fill out your HPX Planner.  Want to change your life?  Want better results in your business, and your personal life?  Then watch this video!

The High Performance Planner

This game-changing  planner is based on the world's largest study of high performers and how they increase productivity, set goals,...

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