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Saving For College? Your Kids Retirement? You'll want to hear this!

finances savings taxes Sep 17, 2020

Want to virtually guarantee your 16 year old will have $1M by the time they turn 67?

Does that sound crazy?

Not with the power of compound interest.

This is a slice of a clip from my 1 hr long interview with Shahar Plinner of Formations Corp where we talked about tax saving strategies for Realtors.

See the example below:

In this example, there was an initial $20,000 funding the account. With no additional investment, the investment would be worth $1,077,563.66 after 50 years assuming an 8% annual rate. The best part of this is that they will be able to pull funds from the account tax free as well.

By just planning ahead you will be creating wealth out of thin air!

Want to watch the full webinar? Click the link below to get free access to our 2020 Webinar course where we post all of our previously recorded webinars, including this one!

2020 Webinars Course

For more information on Shahar Plinner and Formations, go to

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